Will You Mind Your Line Manners

Here is a small line


Here is a bigger line


Now comes the giant line


Hey friends, this is no geometry lesson in the making. I plotted these lines to bring home an important point. No matter how small or big the lines we draw, majority of Indians would prefer to overlook it. We do not respect a line at all PERIOD

Here are a few instances that I’d like to highlight that you might relate to:

Stop Line at the traffic light

I am not sure how much is the cumulatively spending on painting those white lines and the zebra lines that we earmark as STOP LINE and PEDESTRIAN WALKWAYS respectively at traffic signals. Try applying brakes at a stop line these days to make sure zebra crossing is free for pedestrians and you will be honked to death by the vehicles behind yours. What’s the point of having these lines? We should stop painting all those lines and instead use all that money to invest in more important needs of the day; in improving sanitation, providing healthcare to the needy and reducing malnutrition in children.

Line in temples

Here is the real trigger for penning this blog. Though I am a proud Hindu by birth but I am not your “devout Hindu” as you will find chanting shlokas, performing rituals, fasting, forgoing sleep in the name of bhakti and spending hours inside a temple. I am that “30-sec head bowed down with respect” kind of a person who would have the fear of god 24/7/365 in his heart minus the pompousness that typically comes with it.

Today, I accompanied my old folks and visited this temple in Delhi for a religious program at the end of which the roster said you would be fed a scrumptious meal on a banana leaf, one that you will end up licking your fingers thereafter.  Surprisingly, as the gates open for the community kitchen to begin, suddenly you get hordes of “religious people” flocking in for the free feast. These were the people who so naively chose not to be a part of the festive program but instead wanted to relish the delicacies and timed their entry to the temple accordingly. So here we were amidst this serpentine queue at the temple waiting to reach from the tail of the snaked queue to its head and get our opportunity to have some much needed food in the god’s kitchen. But those smart asses, the gatecrashers were pretty clever and routine taskmasters who knew their way around those queues and that lax system. They squeezed in, blending with the people who they knew and the ones who were standing near the front. Some were even extra clever and so shameful that they brought senior citizens and got easy access to the entry. Can you imagine the “not so devout” me and the believer in feeding the needy fuming under the scorching heat of the open sky? I was dead angry and hated India’s lack of respect for the good old line.

The queue to board a bus or a metro

With perhaps Mumbai as an exception, where the BEST (Mumbai’s civic transport undertaking) staff insists on a queue for anyone to board their buses, I see an uncivilised lot everywhere. Closer home, Rajiv Chowk metro station will delight you with the presence of marshals on platforms who would insist on formation of a queue before the metro arrives. Commuters will adhere to the marshal’s demands but once the silver fairy arrives on the scene we all know what follows next, mayhem!! I hope to breathe in an India that shows some discipline in their lives when it comes to minding their line manners? With that hope, it’s hasta la vista, baby (ies)!!

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