Will the Apple iPad take off?

I am a big fan of Steve Jobs (Apple, CEO) since a long time now. Apple depicts an amazing commitment towards innovation that Steve so noticeably reflects in his demeanour. Having founded Apple Inc., Pixar Animation Studios and NeXT he has demonstrated his remarkable abilities as a Champion leader by pioneering the growth of each of these companies.

Apple for instance, has given to the world arguably the first successful personal computer the Macintosh, the Mac OS, an outstanding musical iPod and the amazing touch screen iPhone. Apple Inc. is without any doubt one of the most admired companies in the world. Large part of the credit to the success of this incredible company must go to the strong leadership and vision of its CEO: Steve Jobs.

And now the news just pours in:

The latest innovative offering from Steve Jobs, the Apple iPad made a fabulous debut selling out 300,000 iPad devices on the first day at the stores. Wow! Those figures speak volume of the faith in the company’s products.

I would not go into explaining what the Apple iPad is all about. You can see ‘the man’ in action himself explaining the beauty of this out-of-the box offering. Cheers!

Now that leaves me with some closing thoughts:

Is there really a market for such a product? (Bridge between a laptop and a smartphone)

Has Apple Inc. delivered another million dollar baby? (Once again) So, to you the Reader: Any thoughts on this?

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