UEFA Champions League – Clash of the Titans

The roster of UEFA Champions League delivers an epic Clash of the Titans today. Two of the richest football clubs Manchester United and Real Madrid will lock horns in a few hours from now. Boy! When you consume sports in its purest form and take a cue from it to keep your chin up, what else you need to make it a ‘very very special’ Valentine’s Day. One Ball is all you need, it needn’t be chocolate dipped. Two Goal Nets are all you see when you do not have ‘diva fishing’ on mind. 23 maniacs (never leave the Ref) grab your attention in the most romantic date ever.

This Epic Battle will be a montage of many exciting encounters, some of the really exciting ones are:

Battle of the Strikers

Real Madrid: He was just a ‘Rock n Roll’ artist with his snake dances around the ball when he was at Manchester United. The boy has definitely grown in confidence and output with his stint at Real Madrid. I am talking about Christiano Roanldo, the nemesis of Lionel Messi. He is a class act for sure and will be keen to score against his former club.

Manchester United: He raids into the penalty box with a Breeze. Set your eyes on The flying Dutchman, Robin Van Persie. He has brought an amazing flair into the Team ever since Wayne Rooney has started losing hair and piling up those extra pounds and inches. A sheer talent going wasted; buckle up Roo! Put on a good show tonight. Papa’s watching!

Battle of the Talismans

Real Madrid: There is no denying the fact that Xabi Alonso will hold the key in shaping up the attack for Real Madrid. Man Utd will have their task cut out to outfox this wily customer. Do not be surprised if you see a smart chip on to Ronaldo who nets one in.

Manchester United: I’ll be glad if Sir Alex gives Paul Scholes a go-ahead for this big game tonight. Scholes and Giggs is what I want to see in the starting line-up at any cost. Big Games call for Big Names. There aren’t any bigger names than these two gentlemen for the Reds. So, draw on your strengths and play them please Fergie.

Battle of the Frenemies

They fake Camaraderie beautifully but are in fact arch enemies when it comes to Managing two of the biggest clubs in history of The Beautiful Game. Frenemies as they are called, Sir Alex Ferguson of Manchester United and Jose Mourinho of Real Madrid will be in different situations before the build up to this epic match today. Sir Alex, the fiery competitor he is, will not like to lose this one. Jose, on the other hand will have a lot on stake as his romance with Real Madrid seems to be ending in a breakup.  The man sure is travelling places, from Chelsea to Madrid to a possible Man United job (where Red Fans will not accept him as a possible replacement to the ageing Sir Alex).

Now that I have vented out my excitement with this Jibber-Jabber, it is time for me to shut my romantic sports commentary and tune in to Bernabéu. Adios! Happy Valentine’s Day to all the sports fanatics and the rest of you mere mortals (pun intended).

Glory Glory Man Utd!!

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