The Mario and Luigi Obsession

So here I am, making two political observations by taking a cue from my favourite game of all time ‘Super Mario Bros.’ developed by Nintendo. Who can forget Mario and Luigi? Well, I haven’t!  Have you?

Eat the Damn Plant and Grow Up Mario

Someone said to me, why have you gone quiet and are not talking about the newest political sensation that you were so optimistic about? Well, like a million other Indians, a certain AK-47 minus 2 (nomenclature: reference to his initials & age) did win me over with his simplicity and noble intentions and the kind of friends he brought along (MS and YY, figure out if you know your common man politics).

My dear someone, I had never gone quiet, may be you read me wrong! Boy, if you ever did read my blogs with the glasses that you lost somewhere, you will find that I was and will remain an Undecided Voter till the very end, when I get to press that button on Election D-Day. My choice, respect it, before you decide to spit venom! Unlike you, I will never give a blank cheque to any political person or party. I have issues with each and every one of them in the fray. Though I still love your passion for a one-sided debate, to your credit, keep it going dude, if you have those gallery of admirers to play along to that pied piper music, worth a show!

For the record, yours truly has kept AK-47 under watch after his recent lapses of judgment. Though still love some of his ideas, his passion, and integrity. His mistakes have duly been criticized, in black and white, so you can’t even feign colour blindness. Can you mate? I am someone who likes to call a spade a spade. At least, I pay in cash and not handover blank cheques.

“So it is Game Over for our home-grown Super Mario. He couldn’t rescue Princess Peach.”

That is how I called it, fair and square on his resignation. He needs to eat the damn plant and grow up rather quickly!

I want Luigi!!

Oh boy! Games are no longer the games that they once used to be. Too much attention to detail, too much focus to make it a real-life imitation, the remote-less experience, well all of that has surely taken the sheen out of playing video games, the good old way. At least for me!

Flip side, there are far better and entertaining games available inside our Assembly and Parliament, guaranteed to be found nowhere else on the gaming globe. Here’s profiling 5 of the best games that you can lay your hands on:

Lok Sabha –Pepper Spray Defence v.1.0 by L Rajagopal

Rajya Sabha – Snatch Attack v.2.0 by CM Ramesh

J&K Assembly – Slap Slap Slap v.3.0 by Bashir

UP Assembly – Seductive Stripper 3.0 by RLD MLAs

Where is my good friend Luigi? The fear-striking big eyed, Pierluigi Collina!

My friend, come armed with your Red Cards! My legislators need to be reined in! Caution them with a yellow first and throw them off the field on the second offense. Man, you have dealt with rogues and snobs all throughout your FIFA career, only you and your likes can do it. Save us!

Life is so dull without Mario and Luigi. I need them back. I want them back.

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