The Curious Case of Condoms, Sex Ed and Fidelity

Condoms break, Sex education sucks and Garstin Bastion Road (GB Road) is not in my constituency!!

Thank you India’s Health Minister for taking the moral high ground and sharing your notions with us which I am sure a majority would respectfully refuse to accept.

I am someone who has immense respect for people in high offices. People who go through the democratic grind and reach where they have reached, ought to be respected. So I respect you! Before you or any of your diehard supporters turn on the heat against me for this democratic right of my expression.

India has given your party a mandate for 60 months and I will respect that and would not like to hunt issues and come all guns blazing especially in these early days of settling down. But I had to speak today for the discomfort it was causing me from within.

O’ my learned Health Minister, I was appalled at the following three Curious Cases in which your opinion was expressed:

Curious Case #1 – Condoms Break

You Said and I Quote: “Any experienced NGO activist knows that condoms sometimes break while being used.”

I Respectfully Say: Sir, please reach out to the west, to your global compatriots and find out how the world is dealing with “condom breakage” as an issue, if at all it is a serious issue in your books to be dealt or spoken about right now. You might also want to crowdsource ideas on how to develop that condom that never breaks! Just a thought, may your wisdom seek the best direction.

Curious Case #2 – Sex Ed

You Said and I Quote: “So-called “sex education” to be banned. Yoga to be made compulsory,”

I Respectfully Say: May be your objection was with the word “sex”. Or maybe you weren’t aware that Sex Ed in India is a gender-appropriate imparting of education. In either scenarious you could’ve just proposed a name change of “sex education” to “kaam ka shastra” (translated to “knowledgeable info”) or any other suitable name as per your discretion. If the trainings were not at all sensitive as I later found out through your clarifications, you could’ve proposed a separate vision document through your learned colleague Smriti Irani, the honourable HRD Minister proposing the exact nature of deletions, additions required. But your views with that one bullet where it intends to ban Sex Ed and instead make yoga the heroic disciplinary intervention seems a bit archaic. Kids in India need to know the difference between a ‘bad touch’ and a ‘good touch’, teenagers have different needs altogether. But then you know best!

Curious Case #3 – Fidelity is Supreme

You Said and I Quote: “The thrust of the AIDS campaign should not only be on the use of condoms,” “This sends the wrong message that you can have any kind of illicit sexual relationship, but as long as you’re using a condom, it’s fine.”

I Respectfully Say: A lot of the AIDS that the world suffers from is in fact a manifestation of a thrust of a different kind, a thrust minus that protection. If that protection comes from an unsullied condom, what’s the objection to it sir? If a condom is the saviour it has to be the protagonist of the campaign against AIDS. And where are the advertisements promoting illicit relationships? The only messages I read are that anyone having consensual sex should not shy away from a) buying a condom, and b) using it to prevent AIDS or pregnancy. Period!

So Doctor saab, if we are so keen on tackling societal menaces like infidelity at the cost of pressing issues like sanitation, then let’s start the drive from Garstin Bastion Road, possibly the biggest red light settlement in India, and guess what it falls under your watch! Yes, GB Road is a part of the Chandni Chowk constituency that you were elected from. Let’s ban this biggest adda of infidelity!

Have no more to say! I take an exit with a hope that you will not do what you said you will!

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