Resurrection of Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods, the ace golfer finally stepped up on to the podium to face questions related to the recent sex scandal. Tiger, a name to reckon with in Golf has now become a butt of all jokes after the infamous sex scandal which shattered his personal life and took him out of Golf for a brief period. Responding to the jokes doing the rounds about his scandal Tiger said:

“I can understand why people will say these things because you know what, it was disgusting behaviour. As a person, it’s hard to believe that was me, looking back on it now.”

Tiger is slated for a return to the U.S. Masters next month. I am a firm believer that when you Err, stick out your neck and shout it out LOUD. There is no point running away from your follies as they will chase you down to haunt you forever. This is especially true when you are as celebrated a personality as Tiger Woods is.

Tiger! Confess and Move on. You are meant to roar on the Golf course not behind a recorded no-questions televised confessional statement like the one you gave last month. I hope the Readers agree with me?

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