Real Story – Poetic Justice Delivered

Today, I am going to narrate a real story, no usual ranting, but a real life episode that has reinforced my belief in the heavy hand of God.

The protagonists in this story are a mother and daughter duo. It would be inappropriate for me to name them but I will not resist the urge to leave vital clues here. The mother is named after a popular Indian goddess and the daughter is the exact hindi translation of the word ‘poem’. Just to keep the story in order, let me christen the mother as the ‘Good Lakshmi’ and the daughter as a ‘Dirty Poem’.

Good Lakshmi was a single mother and Dirty Poem was her only daughter. Like any responsible parent, GL toiled hard to provide her only child the best education and upbringing.

You’ve got to hand it to Dirty Poem as well. Bloody hell, she was academically brilliant and won every opportunity that came her way. She finished her schooling and got admission in one of the most prestigious colleges in the country, wrapped up her education, and landed her first job in one of the biggest publishing companies in India.

Just for the record, her college admission and first job were both courtesy references from her mommy dearest. Parents, I tell you! Hats off to them and wow! They do so much for us, don’t they? Especially the mothers, after carrying us ‘filthy’ children in their womb for 9 months, they undergo the agony of labour, after that hug us close to their chests to breast feed us, raise us with good values, make us eat first before breaking bread themselves, get us the best that life has to offer, protect us from evil, fight for us, and what not. Wow! What else but god’s reincarnation they are for a child. Quit reading from here on, if you disagree!

Well, back to the story. In a nutshell, the robust foundation of Dirty Poem was complete. With impeccable credentials to back her, finding her soul mate became a task that much easier. In a wonderful ceremony, she got married and flew away from the cosy confines of the nest, leaving a mother alone to fend for herself. Well, that’s how it is supposed to happen right? Good Lakshmi was a strong woman. She almost immediately reconciled with this harsh fact of life and took it in her stride. She got more religious to pass off her lonely life, being perhaps in her mid 50s, it was a long lonely life.

After a few years, a remarkable event occurred. Sensing something amiss with no sighting of Good Lakshmi for over a week, her neighbours broke into her apartment only to realize that she was running on high fever. Lying helpless, urinating and defecating on the very bed she was lying on. The scene could have sent shivers down the spine of even the toughest of hearts. She was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, detected quite late.

In the gap of these few years, Dirty Poem had settled in her new life, climbed the corporate ladder, and created a distance from her mother. While I am not bothered as to what happened in the space of these few years, all I knew was that an ailing mother with no kith and kin around, her daughter had to be her only hope.

With Good Lakshmi’s health deteriorating with each passing day, Dirty Poem was sent several May Day calls by GL’s neighbours and friends. Her hospitalization followed. I remember those days were taxing for my family too. My mother, who was a dear friend of GL, put me in charge of our kitchen on several occasions and along with other well-wishers rushed to be at her side just to give her emotional comfort. GL’s married sister and husband were by her side too and with all the resources at their disposal took care of the monetary aspect of the hospitalization. And when the doctors informed everyone to be prepared for the worst, some more May Day calls went to Dirty Poem.

In response to every SOS sent by friends and neighbours of Good Lakshmi, the standard response from Dirty Poem was this: “My mother is dead for me, do whatever you want!” – said in this same arrogant manner that you read it in.

And then it happened… After battling a late stage TB and suffering for weeks, one fine day Good Lakshmi passed away. Time for last rites! Typical Indian well wishers that we are, they tried their luck again, hoping against hope that at least the news about the death of her mother would crack the hardened Dirty Poem and she will take that two and a half hours flight to lit the funeral pyre. But a jackass that she was, she refused once again.

And then the twist in the tale happened!

Remember my first line where I talked about the God’s heavy hand? Like wow! Now comes the most exciting part and the one that has me jumping with joy ever since I heard it. Please give yourself a big hug from my side for reaching this far of this marathon story. Kindly turn off the iPod, Television, or the Radio station that you are tuned into right now and bless me with 5 more minutes of your reading company.

Here’s the twist:

After 5 months of GL’s death, Dirty Poem did take that 2.5 hrs. flight back to her old nest. The leech that she was, she came to sell off the apartment that was worth approximately 4 million Indian Rupees at current market price. Perhaps god was watching this story with the same attention like you are reading it too. Apparently, her home had a new lock! Lock had a new key! The new key had a new owner!

Some god’s sent angel or angels, brawny ones, riding in their SUVs have done a Khosla ka Ghosla on Dirty Poem. Though not in courts yet, Dirty Poem was not able to set even her foot inside that apartment that she wanted to sell. According to the grapevine, she is even barred from entering the society till the dispute is resolved amicably or legally. While I know the learned courts will not get swayed by emotions but deal in facts, I am momentarily happy, just too happy at this jolt from the blue that the girl got.

Poetic Justice Delivered! I love you God!!

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