POTUS 2016 – Would America Play a Trump Card

Love him or hate him, the fact remains that The U.S. Presidential Race for 2016 has gotten a bit more exciting ever since the arrival of one Mr. Donald Trump. This name, well it can register in your brain in more ways than one I am sure.

You might pin the blame on him for your opulent streaks at any of those luxurious retail stores inside the majestic Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Or if you’re someone less fortunate like me to have not travelled to NYC, you might actually end up painting him a narcissist courtesy his conducts during WWE appearances. Flip side, his enormous confidence in grilling and firing several smart a$$es during the television series “The Apprentice” is another way of remembering the man they call Donald Trump.

The man has money, the man his wits, and the man sure has the hunger in his belly to crack it to the top. Talk about pressure jobs and he has handled one too many to leave no ambiguity around his credentials.

Controversy’s favorite son that he is, Trump has already stirred up “a hornet’s nest” ever since announcing his candidacy for the President of the United States. The most talked about being his controversial attribution of rapes and drugs in America to Mexican immigrants.

Narrowing down to his actual constituency is another mystery for observers and perhaps a strength that is giving him an upper edge in polls across ethnicities and age groups. Donald Trump is leading the Republican Presidential Pack as of now. Will the majority of Americans sway in his favour? With over 400 days to go and the primary to overcome, only time will tell if Donald gets a Duck or becomes the next POTUS.

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