Music: Breaking Barriers and Igniting Hope

Ever wondered how we have managed to take out so much out of music throughout our existence?

Music has been the only constant, be it in Anger, Sadness, Happiness, Fear, Self-Doubt, or even during feelings of Contempt and Disgust. Don’t believe me, Just Watch!

Here’s a Song for the Grown Ups, the Angry Birds!

A song that calms me down:

The Celebration Song

Feeling Fearful? Listen to this Song!

A Feeling of Self-Doubt | Don’t Worry, Be Happy!


Overcoming the Feeling of Contempt


I Feel So Disgusted! What’s My Song?

While a Song is a Packaged Commodity, what really touches our soul is the MUSIC.

Here’s some more to feed your soul:

Panchavadyam Performance from Kerala in India

The Serenading Harmonia by Springsteen ‘THE BOSS’ from United States

Feeling like Jumping from your Chair? Say hello to Africa

Eargasmic Bandurria from Spain

Language is a Barrier! Music Isn’t! – Arabic Song


Tell me you’ve seen all and I’ll show you a Chinese girl crooning to a Rahman song.

This was my Musical Tribute to, well, MUSIC!

There you have it Ladies and Gents, my top music compilation for just about any mood you might be in right now. That’s the Power of Music. Music has given hope to many. Music has inspired us all. Music has never had any Expectations Back!

To all the Singers and all the unsung heroes, the Musicians, Technicians, Songwriters, THANK YOU!

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