Sardar Patel – The Man Who United India

Three quotes to get you warmed up:

“Yeh Dil Maange More” (translated: this heart yearns for more), said a valiant 22 year young Captain of the Indian Army, Vikram Batra who laid his life during the Kargil conflict in 1999.

“Mumbai belongs to India. That is how I look at it. And I am a Maharashtrian and I am extremely proud of that but I am an Indian first,” said the symbol of Indian unity, Sachin Tendulkar, back in 2009.

“Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel is your hero, my hero, our hero, an Indian hero”, said ME, right now!!

If you are smarter than an average bear, I am sure you would’ve smelled an “India First” fragrance coming out of this mesmerizing perfume of my quotes.

Now a pop quiz: When was the last time you heard the name ‘Sardar Patel’ in recent times? Was it 1993? The year when a Bollywood movie titled ‘Sardar’ starring Paresh Rawal in the lead role appeared and disappeared without a trace. Or was it when a loved one was admitted into the Sardar Patel School, the best I believe in Delhi? Or have you heard it already today? Or will eventually read it tomorrow if you love to indulge in a quiet newspaper romance every morning?

Today seems to be another low for the political discourse in this country. Political parties are wrangling over the legacy of Sardar Patel, an iconic Indian. The more I have read about him, the more I have fallen in love with the personality. He is my idea of an ideal Indian and an ideal politician. Country above self!

Why is there a sudden spike in history lessons today and the uncalled-for mention of the dead to score political mileage? Who said what? Who said when? Is irrelevant!

Netas are digressing from the real issues at hand. Voters Beware!

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