India Needs No IP

Nip in the air… or should I say IP is in the air!

Confused? Well, that’s where everyone hates the melodramatic me. What I meant was that winter is knocking on the doors that should explain the nip in the air. And with the on-going Election season, IP or Identity Politics seems to have become the darling activity of most politicians.

Voters Beware! They are chasing your IP, they have done it before and they are doing it again.

Educated or otherwise, rural or urban, rich or poor, the fact is that many Indian voters have fallen for it in the past. They have got swayed away by the loud outcries of: I am Dalit ki Beti, I am Hindu Rashtravadi, I am Marathi Manus, and so on and so forth. Here, I take issue with every politician and every political party who has ever fed such ridiculous notions to my countrymen.

To the voters, I’d say, the question: Will politicians ever stop appeasing the minority for votes?  Is like asking: Will they ever stop poaching The Tiger for its skin? It’s the demand and supply market. Let’s accept it. It’s your insecurities around your caste and religious makeup which fuels this trade.

To these so called messiahs of religion or caste, I ask: Will you, the flag bearers of the Muslims in Uttar Pradesh or the Jaats in Rajasthan, in any life or death situation refuse treatment from a doctor of the Christian or the Meena community respectively?

The grim reality is that politicians playing the identity cards will never do so. They will continue on their path of hate politics. They will continue to appease my Sikh brethrens and tell them they could’ve averted 1983 or stroke the anguish of my Hindu-Muslim brethrens who were affected in 2002. While we rightly blame some politicians for triggering riots in this country, we often forget that in the end, the stone, sword and gasoline is used by us and not them. So who’s the fool, them or us?

It is high time we bring them back to real issues of malnutrition, poverty, corruption, employment, development, reforms in agriculture, environmental degradation, etc. Yes, shauchalayas and not devalayas.

We are Indians and we must never nourish the ‘fear of others’ in our minds.

O’ My India, bury this imaginary ghost of others. Our IP Address is Indian People, that’s our core identity and should always remain that.

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