Aam Aadmi Party – Jhaadu ka Jaadu

Flying high, casting a spell and conquering a city. Well, it was no Harry Potter movie that unfolded on Sunday the 8th, it was happening for real. Rank outsiders, the dark horses, the underdogs, this new ‘party of unknowns’ did unsettle two of the nation’s biggest political parties. Stopped one from sweeping the city and swept the other out of the reckoning. The verdict was a telling statement to the biggies: Power of the ballot reigns supreme, not individuals turned demigods and certainly not political resumes boasting of a century of existence.

People of Delhi, it is quite clear from this mandate, have voted for hope; a hope that their streets will be safer, electricity regular, expenses leaner and the Yamuna cleaner. These were clearly some of the pressing issues around which the incumbent government had a disastrous record.

Will this new political party bring a sea change in governance when voted to power? Frankly, I am not sure. Their tall claims are yet to be put through the litmus test. The lack of administrative experience is a non-issue and a bonus in my eyes. Integrity (if sustained) will sail them through on this front. So let’s leave it at that and let time be the best judge.

Now with this fractured mandate in Delhi, the only point of contention is whether they will be able to rejuvenate (for the second time) the otherwise reclusive voter of Delhi in the event of re-elections. Tall order but knowing the dynamics of their methodical approach and sheer enthusiasm, you never know!

And a final advice: For a realistic stab at 2014 General Elections, please steer clear of the temptation to spread your tentacles beyond Delhi. Time is of essence, finish the good job in Delhi and focus all your efforts on winning the 7 Lok Sabha seats of Delhi. Your arrogance can be your enemy, tame it! Kudos to this new party for a spectacular debut performance, there is a steep climb waiting ahead. Slurp on that cough syrup and unleash the Jhaadu ka Jaadu yet again!

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