No One Killed Albert

Albert, without a last name and a friend of this world would be sorely missed. Albert was a Father of 3, a “devout atheist“, and the most unlucky guy you would bump at the Casino.

I am as curious as you to find out from my alter ego as to what happened to Albert.

So here goes this now-infamous tale…

It was a fine Monday morning and our friend Albert was fresh off some grocery shopping at the local Walmart. As alert a pedestrian Albert always was, he had his iPod (and the twisted wires) not plugged to his ears but neatly tucked inside the left breast pocket of his shirt and his Smartphone on silent mode slid inside the back-pocket of his jeans. Albert was walking towards his home nearby, carefully navigating the horde of traffic on the way yet mindful of the fact that today was going to be a long day at work.

And then it happened! Like a sudden blip on the radar of an ATC, Albert was gone!

It wasn’t a ghost! It wasn’t an alien! As luck would have it, we lost our dear friend Albert to a Driverless Car!

Investigations revealed that Albert did come under the wheels of this shiny blue sedan and the available CCTV footage corroborated the finding. Though our ever-alert Albert was found to be not at fault while crossing the road, the cops are perplexed on what to do next!

Who Killed Albert is a question that the Sheriffs county is trying to figure out as this blog goes to press.

The murmurs I hear are this: Can’t put technology behind bars, can we?

Disclaimer: This is a fictitious story. No tree was cut | No animal was harmed | No Intellectual Property Violations Either! This blog is purely a figment of my wild and nomadic imagination that y’all must be used to by now.

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