Apple Makes a ‘Usain Bolt’ to #1

Wednesday saw Apple Inc. make a zip, zap, zoom past arch-rival Microsoft by sitting at a pretty market cap of $222 bn against Microsoft’s valuation at $219 bn. I am not sure how significant this jump ahead is going to be for Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. considering the fact that Microsoft still enjoys dominance in the Enterprise space and therefore higher profits. The showdown between the two tech giants is definitely going to be worth a watch in the days ahead.

It all started with what was called iPod in 2001, moved on to the next one called iPhone (launched 2007) and now the launch of iPad not so long back in April, 2010. It is reported that within a month of its launch Apple Inc. has sold 1 million iPads.  So, there you have it … The Success Mantra is embedded right here in this paragraph. Here are a few questions to ponder over: What makes Apple the powerhouse it is today? How Apple overtook Microsoft to become the Numero Uno Tech Company in the World? Innovate, Innovate Again, Live Innovating and Die Innovating. Apple’s foray in to the Consumer space with all such innovative launches has seen the company’s fortunes rise. It’s time Microsoft learns from this writing on the wall and starts diversifying beyond the OS and Software domain.

Take a note Mr. Ballmer, Steve and try and do the Simple thing right: Innovate and Deliver what is breakthrough technology. Move away from the Monopolistic Ball Game. It is short-lived.

I hail Mr. Jobs, Steve. 

P.S. Nostalgia: Steve J…. ahem ahem

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