Why Urban Poor is Just an Urban Legend

There once lived someone who didn’t cut her coat according to the cloth available with her and ended up being tagged as an ‘Urban Poor’. She suddenly went through a transformation into this larger than life figure and Urban Poor ended up becoming a classy metaphor for the urban elite to go ooh aah Oh My God about. Truth be told, she was nothing but a fool pretending to be this innocent phool (flower).

I have a certain thing against people who would throw the victim card. While our urban poor girl denounced her daily roti-subzi for the burger-coke and cheese-champagne she thought would take her to the pinnacle of her career, she forgot one thing in the process. She forgot to experience success like I would have had I been in her place.

Success for me is not how fat a bank balance you have or how far you have managed to climb up the corporate ladder or for that matter whether you have the best parking space in the office you work in or not. Success is learning every step of the way, staying rooted with the knowledge and spreading a little sunshine in someone’s life every single day.

I wish the urban poor girl would have taken recourse to this definition of success instead of shooting for the stars with a veil of pretense that was anyhow not her. Truth be told, our urban poor girl was misguided all along. She was fed the wrong notions by her mentor who decided to buy her a coffee when she could have bought for her some of her pride back. She naively chose to walk her home and offered her a ride without realizing that she was just egging her on to live in the bubble of false pride. A mentor is someone who shows you the way, the right way, no matter how bumpy the ride gets.

I denounce the urban poor girl and her mentor who are now somehow hogging the limelight bestowed upon them by the same set of intellectually inferior urban elite. This pity must end right here, right now. There is no point in trying to be a superhero by mentioning your own “righteous life” while at the same time being pitiful towards these so called urban poor of our society.

A poor is someone who is bereft of her conscience PERIOD

Let your conscience guide you towards whatever you want to become. Till then, please refuse to buy this stereotypical image being portrayed of you. If you want to live a life sucking up to someone, so be it. If you want to set your own rules and play by the book, I and my god are with you.

Think again! Hasta la vista baby!

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