Sachin Is Not The God Of Cricket

Sachin is often called the ‘God of Cricket’. I fail to understand why? I shout out loud and DISAGREE, he is no God. Here is a School-style 5-pointer differentiation of the Two:

God Sachin
Is complicated Is simple
Has A Few Non-Believers Find Me One (Ian Chappel is SORRY!!)
Is up above in the SKY Is Down To EARTH
Also Delivers Punishment Always Delivers Joy
Worships No One Worships God

Having had such a melodramatic opening to this ‘Tribute’, let me clarify: I ain’t no Sachin-Basher (how did I even write that, whooshhh?). I am an ardent fan of this Child called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Yes, he is a ‘Child’ and not some ‘God’. I have followed him/supported him through Thick and Thin and I know it.

By making this little comparison I am not trying to belittle God but only Emphasizing on my point that Sachin is what God’s would be proud of. He has toiled his way to success, has remained firmly grounded to his feet despite his cult status, his love for the motherland, family are all proof enough to make him the Best Sporting Icon the World will ever see. Period!

Being his self-crowned Biggest Fan I wanted to break two notions through this piece on Sachin:

A. He ain’t God – You need more logic. Get a Life!! 

B. The End will come – Like all Good things, this journey will End for sure. That would be one heart-shattering day when Sachin hangs his boots.

Dear Sachin,

As you turn 37 today, I thank you for the joy you have spread in my life. All I want to do now is Sing:

Happy Birthday to You . . .

Happy Birthday to You . . .

Happy Birthday Dear Sachin

Happy Birthday to You . . .

Love and Glory to You,


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