by Sunil Param | 2:20 pm

Shereen Bhan – More Than Just a Pretty Face

I must confess: There is no better feeling than writing about Shereen. S– SENSIBLE H– HUMBLE E– ELEGANT R– RAVISHING E– EYE-CATCHING E– ENERGETIC N– NIFTY (not the index, lol) Introducing this suave and articulate news anchor in the space of a few adjectives will be a gross injustice to my fondness for her. She is the “Girl Friday” (future senior most I am sure) for CNBC TV18 in India as she hosts Key Events,

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by Sunil Param | 8:00 am

Indian Cricket – True Fan vs. The Loose Cannon

Take your Pick: Are you The Loose Cannon or the True Fan of the gentelmen’s game CRICKET? I am no cricket pundit for sure but what happened at the Trent Bridge Test Match (India v England) and the one prior to that in Lords makes my head hang in shame!!! Shame not for the Men in Blue for losing the two matches but for the relentless criticism LEFT, RIGHT AND CENTER by these so called

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 pm

Apple Makes a ‘Usain Bolt’ to #1

Wednesday saw Apple Inc. make a zip, zap, zoom past arch-rival Microsoft by sitting at a pretty market cap of $222 bn against Microsoft’s valuation at $219 bn. I am not sure how significant this jump ahead is going to be for Steve Jobs and Apple Inc. considering the fact that Microsoft still enjoys dominance in the Enterprise space and therefore higher profits. The showdown between the two tech giants is definitely going to be

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

Sachin Is Not The God Of Cricket

Sachin is often called the ‘God of Cricket’. I fail to understand why? I shout out loud and DISAGREE, he is no God. Here is a School-style 5-pointer differentiation of the Two: Having had such a melodramatic opening to this ‘Tribute’, let me clarify: I ain’t no Sachin-Basher (how did I even write that, whooshhh?). I am an ardent fan of this Child called Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. Yes, he is a ‘Child’ and not some

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by Sunil Param | 10:00 pm

Will the Apple iPad take off?

I am a big fan of Steve Jobs (Apple, CEO) since a long time now. Apple depicts an amazing commitment towards innovation that Steve so noticeably reflects in his demeanor. Having founded Apple Inc., Pixar Animation Studios and NeXT he has demonstrated his remarkable abilities as a Champion leader by pioneering the growth of each of these companies. Apple for instance, has given to the world arguably the first successful personal computer the Macintosh, the

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