by Sunil Param | 10:40 pm

Why Urban Poor is Just an Urban Legend

There once lived someone who didn’t cut her coat according to the cloth available with her and ended up being tagged as an ‘Urban Poor’. She suddenly went through a transformation into this larger than life figure and Urban Poor ended up becoming a classy metaphor for the urban elite to go ooh aah Oh My God about. Truth be told, she was nothing but a fool pretending to be this innocent phool (flower). I

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by Sunil Param | 6:10 am

Exercise Discretion with Benevolence My Friend

One entire month, a word that refused to leave my bedside like a love-stricken damsel was the word “Benevolence”. Benevolence made me Angry Benevolence I felt was Bad Benevolence bred Complacency Benevolence is a Disease One of my best pals it so happens is a successful entrepreneur. Don’t ask me what her “preneur” is as that will be giving in too much to reveal her identity. Now my friend tells me that in her corporate

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

My Independence Day Musing – 15 Shades of Grey in India

At the outset, let me wish all my Freedom Fanatics a Happy Independence Day! It was exactly two years back on this very day of Independence that I had penned an open letter to Her Royal Highness Aunt Britannia reporting progress of her former colony India, my motherland. Little did I realize then that I could have appended a note on reparations as sought eloquently earlier in this year by one Mr. Shashi Tharoor, former

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by Sunil Param | 3:10 pm

POTUS 2016 – Would America Play a Trump Card

Love him or hate him, the fact remains that The U.S. Presidential Race for 2016 has gotten a bit more exciting ever since the arrival of one Mr. Donald Trump. This name, well it can register in your brain in more ways than one I am sure. You might pin the blame on him for your opulent streaks at any of those luxurious retail stores inside the majestic Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. Or if

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

Letting the Lead out of the Pencil

Like an unsharpened lead inside a pencil is not output ready, a new leader left to blend in on his own won’t serve any purpose either. Leaders are not like a commodity that you can buy off the shelf. Hiring a leader is the classic trap Human Resources often commit to. You can never hire a “readymade leader”; instead you can very well aim to hire someone who exhibits the potential of becoming a leader

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