Ola DTP – Hoping for Some Element of Surprise

Why can’t we introduce novelty in the way we operate? I ask this question to my favorite Delhi Traffic Police, perhaps one of the most hardworking law enforcement units operating under the shining Sun in India. Novelty will definitely help our Men in White to get a step ahead of the traffic violators.

Dear Delhi Traffic Police, I demand mobile cops instead of stationary cops. I want my Delhi Traffic Constable to travel in air conditioned Olas and the Ubers in this scorching heat of May and make the most of the low Rs. 6/- km offers.

I can guarantee you that the money you spend doing so will be easily recovered through the number of challans your force will issue in a day’s time by videographing traffic violations. In fact, I predict you will turn profitable in no time and you can subsequently use the money to add more boots on the ground and therefore give leaves to the overworked staff or even add new vehicles to the existing fleet or do your much needed performance appraisals which I hope are happening for the overburdened constabulary.

To strike the fear of the law you will have to get innovative. The regular driver who drives on Delhi’s roads knows which all tree and bushes you hide behind to catch the violators in the act. You might be doing a good job through the David Blaine act but there is definitely room for improvement there. I don’t like the idea of dangerously stopping my car from 60 kmph to a screeching halt.

Imagine the kind of traffic violators you can nab because people driving on the Delhi roads are oblivious to the moral act of “play your best game when no one is watching”. They comply and defy depending on the sight of the men in white. So what if we take that element out of the picture. We do a Mr. India on our Men in White. No one knows which Ola/Uber the traffic cop is in and we videograph violations and post challans to these unsuspecting violators.

Try this novel idea please for heaven’s sake and make good drivers out of the otherwise errant ones that I see all day, honking! dipper’ing! Cutting lanes! Jumping stop lights! Driving Under Influence! Smooching while Driving! Talking on Mobile Phones! etc. etc. Lastly, thank you for the great work you do for us. Day in and Day out!

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