MH370 – O Where Are You Missing Bird?

12 days and 26 countries frantically searching for the missing Malaysian passenger aircraft MH370, the million dollar question, in the truest form of this catchphrase is this:

Mishap or Hijack – What happened to Flight 370?

With the best of the brains trying to piece together this jigsaw, these are the two primary theories floating around and everything else revolves around it. Be it a mishap mid-air, or a nose-dive crash tearing the heart of an ocean, OR pilot complicity, suicide or a hostile cockpit takeover.

Frankly, I have no issues with the tonnes of stories or speculations going around the disappearance of this Boeing 777 as long as they don’t swing towards an alien theory. In fact, I just ended up reading this elaborate defence of the MH370 pilot by Chris Goodfelow, a pilot with 2 decades of experience under his belt.

After having read like a gazillion tweets on #MH370 myself, religiously followed Quest for Business a daily show by CNN’s Richard Quest to satiate my hunger for news, and absorbed so many educated views expressed via print and online news articles, I am a little disappointed at the absence of a unified command and control to tackle this pressing problem.

Where is an international disaster management body that can take charge of situations involving multiple terrains and coordinate effectively and head in the right directions?

I ask: Where is the United Nations?

If it is a mishap, the UN Humanitarian Affairs wing OCHA, should have been pressed into action and come to the aide of the family and friends of the passengers and crew. How? By facilitating international cooperation, forming a unified control centre for information processing & release, and basically taking control of the Disaster Management aspect of the situation!

If it is a hijack, the UN Security Council should’ve convened or if a meet is too trivial for their stature they should’ve done something before a potential disaster is executed, something on the lines of this missing bird being armed with a nuclear warhead and sent some way to cause mayhem. Quite possible!

Humanitarian or criminal, in both these scenarios, I see a case fit for UN intervention, unless they want to brush it under the carpet deeming it a national issue of Malaysia or some other sugar coated phraseology.

According to this Charter, the United Nations has four (well-defined yet discretionally executed) purposes:

  • to maintain international peace and security;
  • to develop friendly relations among nations;
  • to cooperate in solving international problems and in promoting respect for human rights;
  • and to be a centre for harmonizing the actions of nations.

All the bullets above mandate a UN intervention. Wake up UN! No action by you over this sensitive issue is beyond me. An unaccounted aircraft is a cause of grave concern in this post 9/11 world. Instead here’s a tweet that shows the kneejerk reaction of U.N. Secretary General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, on 9-March:

Since UN is so active on Twitter, I urge them to read this tweet, posted by Maira, who still awaits the return of her father:

I am convinced a coordinated effort from the word ‘go’ could’ve, just could’ve provided us the answers by now. And while they now haggle over sensitive radar and satellite raw data to make some headway, I hope there are key lessons learnt from this unfinished saga and there are no more missing birds in the sky. My prayers go out to the loved ones waiting desperately for answers. May god be with you all!

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