My Love for Manchester United

My love for Man U goes long back to the Beckham Era. He was certainly not the trigger for me getting so passionate about the greatest soccer club on earth. I always loved English football and used to bless the ‘underdog’ with my support on any EPL game I saw on Television. Rooting for any team that was trailing behind used to get me excited. This was agonising and confusing as the tournament progressed.

So I chose Manchester United as my A-Team for all reasons and seasons, a very accidental choice I must say. Have been very loyal to the club ever since. For the following reasons true to my heart:

Sir Alex Ferguson – The greatest sports manager of all times. The man has gone through all the criticism, be it jacking out Becks or benching big names before the start of the game. He truly is a name to reckon with.

Old Trafford – The atmosphere at Old Trafford, the Theater of Dreams is always electric, it’s like watching a game of Cricket at the famous Eden Gardens in India. An absolutely Unparalleled Experience!

David Beckham – Ex Man U. Take out his hair style changes, lavish lifestyles, pretty face, tattoos and what not outta his commercial success and I’ll still love the dead-ball Genius. He is to me without a doubt a fascinating footballer.

Paul Scholes – An ageing star in the present team he has impressed me the most. Paul suffers from Asthma but has in no way let it affect his game. He still dishes out those power-kicks and sends the ball racing into the opposition net.

Ryan Giggs – How can I miss him? He is the wily old fox of Manchester United, a star who has brought glory to the club by his impeccable performances. His never give up spirit is what makes me say: Wow!

Roy Keane – Ex Man U. For me Roy was the John McEnroe of the Club. Known for his temper he was fearless and always protruding. Of the current lot, Wayne Rooney gives me that killer-instinct something which Roy so beautifully projected.

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