Whistle for a Change

I am not here to rake up a storm! I am not here to question your silence, or defend mine. Good eight months have passed since the death of ‘daughter of India’. It is high time we do some introspection before any such gruesome incident shakes us again but wait!! Do we really want to that? Or go on a spending spree buying candles, crayons and chart papers.

It is time we rise above mere tokenism and transform into responsible citizens of India by walking the talk. Street justice is what you asked for. Lynching is what you meant! But have you ever thought that you can enforce justice yourself and that too in a non violent way!

No Guns! No Knife in Your Purse! No Pepper Sprays!

As jocular as it might sound, my serious suggestion to:

All women in India: Carry a whistle and blow the damn thing to be fished out of trouble!

And to all bystanders (read: men) out there: Be sensitive to these calls and React! Not bash up, but subdue the perpetrator(s) till cops arrive.

And to the Government: To incentivize these ‘selfless’ citizens by giving them an extra LPG cylinder, greater subsidy on diesel, a gold coin or may be a free seat for the IPL dugouts. Incentives will spark a riot and make even the sluggish of ‘aam aadmi’ react with greater vigour! Marry economics with crime prevention measures.

Eve-Teasing, rapes and acid attacks on Women are horrendous crimes and must be addressed with serious legislation, enforcement and punishment. No doubt! But we also have to explore other doable solutions to tackle this menace.

The notorious underbelly of India lies exposed after a spate of gruesome rapes and attacks on women. Yes, we are a country where a majority do not respect women. Accept the fact and search for solutions if you want to rise beyond protests and bring in a change. I’d say don’t take the law in your hands, take the whistle instead.

O’ My India Whistle for a Change!!

Leaving you with a letter that I wrote to the Justice Verma Committee:  

My letter to the Justice Verma Committee.

Respected Justice J.S. Verma, Justice Leila Seth and Shri Gopal Subramanian ji

Please consider the following possible amendments to the criminal law when it comes to assault of extreme nature against women:

Enhanced Punishment

Punishment and Deterrence are Oxymorons and should not be talked about in the same breath. A separate set of measures for each is the need of the hour. Life Imprisonment has clearly not been an effective prevention tool and I am convinced neither will be Capital Punishment. However, I firmly believe addition of Death Penalty should be considered. Inclusion of this enhanced punishment for violent crimes against women (including non-sexual crimes like acid attacks), if not a deterrent is certainly a befitting reply in some cases e.g. to the barbarians of Delhi Gangrape. I am against Castration as a punishment.

Effective Deterrence

An effective deterrence will have to come from a series of quick amendments in our existing laws. Following are some suggestions:

Eve Teasing –> Incidents like Rape are crimes of opportunity by people with a diabolic mindset. I am convinced a person is an eve teaser first and then carries that fake bravado to the next level. We must have stricter laws against Eve Teasing. It should be made a non-bailable offense.

Juvenile Laws –> Why should one of the accused in the Delhi Gangrape get a lenient sentencing just because he is a few months shy of turning 18 years? Apt Justice is sometimes ‘going beyond the book’. Amendments should provide for the learned court’s discretion as per the merits of the case.

Fast Track Courts –> Swiftness, no doubt is desired when it comes to dispensation of justice. Not just at the level of the first trial but during subsequent appeal processes as well. Fast Track courts should be made a permanent affair where such cases should be tried.

Thank you all for giving this platform to me, an ordinary citizen of Delhi/NCR.

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