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I must confess: There is no better feeling than writing about Shereen.







N– NIFTY (not the index, lol)

Introducing this suave and articulate news anchor in the space of a few adjectives will be a gross injustice to my fondness for her. She is the “Girl Friday” (future senior most I am sure) for CNBC TV18 in India as she hosts Key Events, profiles India’s Gen Next, imparts Lessons in Excellence, Storyboards for her audience, Overdrives some Young Turks with her pleasing personality, hogs the limelight on India Business Hour, and squeezes in many sundry assignments in-between.

You need a spine of a tigress to do all of that. She did her graduation from the prestigious St. Stephens College in Delhi and later completed her Master’s from Pune University, in a film and TV Communication Studies course. Another success story that confirms the role of a robust education that lays the groundwork of things to come, but of course, that’s half the battle won. I am sure the other half that Shereen put in was worth its weight in gold.

Oh Shereen Oh Shereen!! ~ A Fan for Life

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