An Open Letter from Kingdom of Freedom

From a lost soul amongst a mighty billion,
some street,
New Delhi – India

To HRH Aunt Britannia,
Former Ruler of the World,
some Palace somewhere

Dated: 15th August, 2013

Sub: Reporting Progress since 1947

Look Aunt Britannia Look! Mother India turns 66 today! She did it! Out of all the loot and plunder you bestowed upon us she is still on her legs, standing tall as the sparkling daughter of Grandmother Earth. Yeah, people can go on ranting about the fact that our inflation is at a 4-month high with Onions touching 80 Rupees a kilo, petrol prices burning a hole in our pocket with 72 Rupees a litre, the fact that we still have to trade 61 Rupees to buy 1 Washington Dollar, one in every three malnourished child in the world is an Indian even when we have abundant of food grains rot for lack of storage, we are trending big time on #corruption, our Parliamentarians have not transacted business for the past 2 weeks, we are slowly but surely working hard to remove the tag of ‘the world capital for open defecation’, we are too touchy and softy in the wake of neighbouring aggression, we make life miserable for women, and a million other things.

Well, we are young, determined, learning by the day, and moving on!

Love and More Love to You!

Yours Royal Self,

From the Kingdom of Freedom

~Prince Adam

P.S. Here’s wishing all my Freedom Fanatics a Happy Independence Day! There is definitely some introspection to do as we enter year #67.

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