Election Commission of India

“Do you know how elections are run in this country? Liquor for the father, cloth for the mother and food for the baby.”

“In a booth in Bihar where the voting starts at 7 o’clock in the morning and at 7.15, 105 percent of the votes have been cast.”

“And there are electoral rolls which are extremely defective. There are names which appear five times, there are names which don’t appear at all, there are dead names which are still alive and there are live names which are dead.”

Wise words used by the fear-striking former Chief Election Commissioner of India Mr. T.N. Seshan describing the apathy of Indian Elections of the past.  A wise man, who is all but forgotten today.

Here is a video of ex-CEC of India, making some really good points with his straight-faced humor:

Well, thank you Mr. Seshan for getting rid of:

the booze & the money,

the fake stamped ballots & the booth capturing,

the ear-splitting last minute loudspeakers & Nare-Baazis (sloganeering),

the political litter courtesy banners, stickers, pamphlets,

the rampant abuse of state machinery during election campaigning and many such reforms…

Thank you Election Commission of India for cleansing Elections of the rot they once used to be and for giving us free & fair elections.

Moral of the story

 Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

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