Division in Diversity

In the conclusion to my introductory post on India Elections 2014, I mentioned: “Our conscience is united to see a progressive India, but the voting might not.”

The reason why I said that was because no matter how hard I try to be one, I absolutely cannot be the voice of a billion + population of India. Honestly! No one can.

Each of us has a mind of our own and will not hesitate to apply it the way we want. Some would succumb to a roar in a voice and dump the meek one. Some would give a lifelong validity blank cheque to a party, as that is how their forefathers have voted. Some would vote for a party that cleverly finds a way around the Election code of conduct and makes a last-ditch effort in promising/delivering Rs.3/kg. Rice/free Tablet PCs. Some would blindly abide by the call of their spiritual godman or that of their religious good man. And so on and so forth.

As children, we were taught the concept of Unity in Diversity. As I grew up (or still trying to) I have realized there also exists a division in our rich diversity. A big gaping hole that vested interests will not hesitate to exploit.

To the Voters:

I am convinced the day of fractured mandates, hung parliament, donkey trading or horse trading whatever you may call it  and the jod-tod sarkar will be over when every Indian starts voting as per their conviction and not just going by a herd mentality. Whether they have done it so far or will do it this time, I am not sure.

To the Parties:

“I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Constitution of India as by law established and that I will uphold the sovereignty and integrity of India.”

To all the candidates aiming to be elected as Parliamentarians, this snippet of the oath that you will eventually take says it all.

Parties do not have lay it out item by item in their election manifesto; the freebies, cheap rice, free tablets, etc. Please do not list out your offerings as a corporate would do. Just exercise your political dharma! This is what we expect you to do and not appease us once in every 5 years with tall claims. You fuel poverty when you announce sops for the poor. Why give rice so cheap, why foster the poor when you should be working towards ejecting poverty out of this country. Empower them please! Create jobs for them please!

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Stop Dividing Start Uniting… P L E A S E

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