Candidate vs. Party Dilemma

Candidate vs. Party!

That’s one classic dilemma of many voters here in India. To vote for a personality or the political party that candidate represents.

Even though I am extremely fascinated by the concept of a secret ballot, let me make a minor exception here and reveal this little secret:

At this very moment, I am what you might want to call an Undecided Voter. I can sway any way. Go with the tide or against it or flirtatiously romance the NOTA. Frankly, I’d like to keep it that way till the very end. With a magnifying glass replacing my reading glasses and a Boss Speaker amplifying the noise coming out of the idiot box, I am at ‘my observing best’.

And at ‘my alertest best’.

So when I hear lose remarks floating around like “Girls should be married off early to prevent Rape.” and a countless other comments/views by insensitive politicians, it makes my head hang in shame. I can go on and attribute many such remarks to almost every political party in the fray, but I will not. I am not here to participate in a battle of wits with any hyper-frenzied political commentator and it is certainly one route I am willing to not take in the run up to the 2014 Elections.

I solemnly reaffirm my pledge which bounds me to plan to take an anti-issue stance, not anti-personality or party.

Coming back to the million dollar question: whom to vote for, the candidate or the political party?

I must humbly propose an absolutely illogical (yet indicative of something) formula out here.

Makeup of My vote = 40% for the candidate + 60% for the political party                                                     

Why Candidate?

For the simple reason that I am sending a Member of Parliament, the same distinguished MP whom I don’t want to criticize a few months down the line for wasting precious time of the Parliament by running amok in the well of the house, snatching papers, producing money or getting expunged in speech or evicted in person. I want a dignified representation of my constituency, someone who would voice local issues and will be a meaningful addition to the nation building exercise.

Why Party?

It is the implementation of the party manifesto in letter and spirit that will eventually determine whether:

India gets 5 years of Progression or Regression (economic standing)

We have a Rottweiler or a Labrador-ish approach to neighbouring oppression (foreign policy)

Women get a Free India or Fear in India (law and order)

We live in Peace or are tattered in Pieces (communal harmony)

Why a ratio skewed in favour of the party?

I said 40 to the candidate and 60 to the party, here’s why:

I say this with conviction: no matter how good a political personality is, at the end of the day he/she has to toe the party line. Self-conscience often loses the battle over the will of the political high command. That should explain why we should score the party higher in an ideal vote formula than get swayed by an individual’s charm.

What if I get the 40 right and not the 60 or vice-versa?

In simpler terms, what if my choice of a person is right but his/her political affiliation is not or vice versa the party is the one I want to vote for but their choice of a candidate from my constituency disappoints me.

Well, that is how an ‘Undecided Voter’ is born, you see. Tough Decisions Ahead!

See you in the next,

Hasta la vista, baby!

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