A Solemn Pledge

Ladies and Gentlemen, the stage is all set for the General Elections. Come May, 2014 and a mammoth electoral exercise will be set to motion.

Not Interested? Well, I am!

Say Hello to Me.

I am a proud Voter of India, the world’s largest democracy. They call me the Aam Aadmi, but I am the Real Deal!

I (plurally speaking) will decide which political party or alliance forms the next Government in India. I am the Bhishma Pitamah of this ‘Mahabharat of 543 Lok Sabha constituencies’.

With an eye on the 2014 India Elections, yours truly is excited to roll out this Elections Beat 2014 forum.  Armed with a relatively good grasp of the Indian Polity, I believe now is the time to speak up or be left out.

Here is a solemn pledge I undertake before I share my views on a wide array of topics related to these Elections:

I do not wish to influence ‘you’ the smart voter through my writings.

To subscribe to the point above, I will not name any politician/party throughout.

I will go to pains to ensure any information I give is factually correct.

You read it. You process it. And you vote!
Our conscience is united to see a progressive India, but the voting might not.

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