Exercise Discretion with Benevolence My Friend

One entire month, a word that refused to leave my bedside like a love-stricken damsel was the word “Benevolence”.

Benevolence made me Angry

Benevolence I felt was Bad

Benevolence bred Complacency

Benevolence is a Disease

One of my best pals it so happens is a successful entrepreneur. Don’t ask me what her “preneur” is as that will be giving in too much to reveal her identity. Now my friend tells me that in her corporate empire what she started off as small acts of benevolence are now an unmanageable financial burden. When she began her entrepreneurial journey, she inculcated a practice in her organization where she was constantly feeding incentives to her employees to induce action. Little did she realize that one day those very acts of benevolence would end up creating a culture of complacency where inducements would be looked upon as rights and not occasional rewards. Now she is in a situation where she has to earmark a substantial amount from her accounts every month just to feed this disease.

So my advice to you my friend (as also made private) is this: Exercise discretion when it comes to benevolence. Even a truckload of carrots will not make your employees go gung ho about you or inject passion in their work. Therefore, try never to commit to this self-assassination bid because it is a ticking time bomb that is bound to explode one day.

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