by Sunil Param | 10:00 am

NOTA for me is NO-TATA! No way, I am pressing that button.

I will not be influenced by this fancy new button that will rest right at the bottom of the EVM.

Some call it the absolutely wonderful choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. I’d rather poke the devil or jump in that deep blue sea.

Dear Voters, have you ever given it a thought what happens if NOTA clocks the maximum votes, even higher than all the candidates fighting from that Lok Sabha seat?

Here’s the answer: EC has said it is just a symbolic addition. Even if NOTA clocks the maximum votes from a constituency there will be no re-election but the candidate second to NOTA will be adjudicated the winner. Sorry EC, I disagree. NOTA should ideally be counted as a vote, a vote to indicate something, a vote that forces political parties to field better candidates. Who wants mere symbolism?

In the light of this fact, I reject NOTA.

Sunil Param

Someone with a refined soul. Devoid of hatred and expectations. Spreading cheers in the corporate world for over 15 years now. Sunil has worked in diverse industry verticals including IT, Media, B2B, E-Commerce, and Customer Service. In his own words, he strives to be a merchant of ‘Wow’ by putting in his 100% in everything he does and standing tall on the integrity front. He is an avid blogger and fuels his passion for writing by maintaining this personal website with no outside support.


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