by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

The MH17 Tragedy – A Certain Lesson in Morality

189 (Netherlands) + 44 (Malaysia) + 27 (Australia) + 12 (Indonesia) + 10 (UK) + 4 (Germany) + 4 (Belgium) + 3 (Philippines) + 1 (Canada) + 1 (New Zealand) + 3 (Unconfirmed) = 298 Hope these would have been some numbers from an international sporting tournament and I wouldn’t have objected to the indomitable Dutch spirit taking the lead. Unfortunately! These are not. These numbers are the losses of human lives suffered by the

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by Sunil Param | 10:45 pm

Another Bomb Blast in India – What Are The Lessons Learnt?

It is said that ATTACK is the best form of DEFENCE. U.S. has demonstrated this with its ‘War on Terrorism’. Ten years since 911 and the U.S. has managed to thwart every sinister plan of the terrorists. Touch wood! May the peace prevail in that part of the world! In contrast, I do not even want to present the statistics as to how many attacks have happened here in India. We are SITTING DUCKS. HuJI

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