by Sunil Param | 3:00 pm

Will You Mind Your Line Manners

Here is a small line _____ Here is a bigger line   ____________   Now comes the giant line   _________________________________   Hey friends, this is no geometry lesson in the making. I plotted

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

Mickey Mouse Mahatma and the Chocolaty Leela Naidu

Blame me for falling for the pretty one again. In the space of a few blogs I have shamelessly hopped from Shereen Bhan to Leela Naidu. Here’s the trigger: A lovely autobiography of Leela

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by Sunil Param | 7:00 pm

Jam Packed Melting Moments and the Detour

Happy Independence Day!  Belated wishes to my readers. With all the hype and hoopla of Anna Hazare and India’s tryst with destiny part-2, I am back here. The extended weekend was fabulous, spent with

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by Sunil Param | 2:20 pm

Shereen Bhan – More Than Just a Pretty Face

I must confess: There is no better feeling than writing about Shereen. S– SENSIBLE H– HUMBLE E– ELEGANT R– RAVISHING E– EYE-CATCHING E– ENERGETIC N– NIFTY (not the index, lol) Introducing this suave and

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by Sunil Param | 8:00 am

Indian Cricket – True Fan vs. The Loose Cannon

Take your Pick: Are you The Loose Cannon or the True Fan of the gentelmen’s game CRICKET? I am no cricket pundit for sure but what happened at the Trent Bridge Test Match (India

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