by Sunil Param | 8:20 pm

Ola DTP – Hoping for Some Element of Surprise

Why can’t we introduce novelty in the way we operate? I ask this question to my favorite Delhi Traffic Police, perhaps one of the most hardworking law enforcement units operating under the shining Sun

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by Sunil Param | 11:00 am

My Independence Day Musing – 15 Shades of Grey in India

At the outset, let me wish all my Freedom Fanatics a Happy Independence Day! It was exactly two years back on this very day of Independence that I had penned an open letter to

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by Sunil Param | 4:00 pm

The Curious Case of Condoms, Sex Ed and Fidelity

Condoms break, Sex education sucks and Garstin Bastion Road (GB Road) is not in my constituency!! Thank you India’s Health Minister for taking the moral high ground and sharing your notions with us which

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by Sunil Param | 7:00 am

Real Story – Poetic Justice Delivered

Today, I am going to narrate a real story, no usual ranting, but a real life episode that has reinforced my belief in the heavy hand of God. The protagonists in this story are

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by Sunil Param | 10:12 am

The Mario and Luigi Obsession

So here I am, making two political observations by taking a cue from my favorite game of all time ‘Super Mario Bros.’ developed by Nintendo. Who can forget Mario and Luigi? Well, I haven’t! 

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