Another Bomb Blast in India – What Are The Lessons Learnt?

It is said that ATTACK is the best form of DEFENCE.

U.S. has demonstrated this with its ‘War on Terrorism’. Ten years since 911 and the U.S. has managed to thwart every sinister plan of the terrorists. Touch wood! May the peace prevail in that part of the world!

In contrast, I do not even want to present the statistics as to how many attacks have happened here in India. We are SITTING DUCKS.

HuJI – LeT – JuD – SIMI

The names of these terror organizations keep on changing but the crimes orchestrated by them simply refuse to stop. It is high time we get stern in our foreign policy, the way we deal with issues of cross-border terrorism emanating from a certain neighbour.

Following the Mumbai blasts only 2 months or so ago that claimed over two dozen innocent lives now Delhi has become the latest terror target. The toll from the blasts at Delhi High Court yesterday is again touching 20 and all we have are multiple terror agencies claiming responsibility via email and confusing the investigators. When will it all stop? When we focus shift the goal post from Defence to Attack?

The US for instance has come under a lot of criticism lately be it the airport pat-downs or the racial profiling. But they have gone about trusting their methods in safeguarding their homeland security. India should and must take a cue from that and inject some professionalism in manning its interiors. Instead of throwing compensation for the injured and dead each time such an event happens we must fix the chinks in the armour and bolster our intelligence, capabilities, infrastructure and personnel for god’s sake before we lose more innocent lives to these loonies.

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